Clan History


In September 2011, 13 World of Tanks players decided to start a new Clan with what is known as 'The [TAC] vision'; A non-elitist, sociable but competitive Clan. Those founding members are listed below;
  • add
  • cookiemonster66
  • Geneslicer
  • ScouseSteel
  • Tpr_Curtis_MC (Rusty_Bullet)
  • blaser1975y
  • DrunkenSaylor
  • Indexdwarf (DigitusImpudicus)
  • sw00sh
  • Caboose_Nor
  • Fastjack
  • jfox61
  • TordenTor

Under command of DrunkenSaylor, [TAC] Tactical Armoured Corps was founded through dedication and commitment and soon rose to become a serious contender that battled with the best and was blessed with a waiting list of players who all became very protective of our brand.

G5 (aka RGB) Capitulation


On the 15th November 2012 through steadfast commitment and impeccable command, DrunkenSaylor drove us forward and after just over a year of Clan Wars, a decisive victory was gained.
[TAC] was proud to be a 'top table' member of the Rebellion and Fusion Alliances which saw the Capitulation of the G5 (aka RGB) Alliance and took control of the entire Clan Wars map.
[TAC] opened more and more Clans so as to train and keep those who wished to join our ranks.
  1. [TAC2] (in 2012) Now [TAC-2]
  2. [TAC Bootcamp] (in 2012) Now Closed
  3. [TAC3] (in 2013) Now Closed

However as time progressed and the World of Tanks player base wanting to play in a Clan environment diminished, 2 out of 3 of the 'extra' Clans closed their doors with the remaining members absorbed into the 2 remaining Clans [TAC] and [TAC-2].
[TAC] Tactical Armoured Corps have no, and never have had any, affiliation with ANYONE or ANY OTHER CLAN other than those Clans specifically listed on this page, no matter how closely they resemble our Clan initials or name)


[FILO] and [FILO2] became sister Clans of [TAC] but it became clear very quickly that they only wanted to use [TAC] experience and victories to get a foothold on the Clan Wars map and the relationship ended.


[TAC] very nearly closed - All but 1 member (GarethLowe remained to man the [TAC] gates) left the Clan and were advised to move to [ONE] - Upon our applications to join, the members found that they were to be forced in to [0NE], the sister clan of [ONE] with only a limited number selected to join the main clan. Nobody from [TAC] expected this betrayal and quickly returned to [TAC]. This began GarethLowes tenure as 'interim commander'.


A Clan-wide vote was made to secure the next Commander with GarethLowe, Rusty_Bullet, and Timdog in the running. Rusty_Bullet emerged as the new Commander and has been at the helm of [TAC] since mid-2015.

After the change of Commander, it was decided that unlike many Clans, [TAC] would be run by a 'committee vote' between the wealth of experience that has formed the top echelon (Commander + Executives) of the Clan. Most day to day decisions would then fall to the Executives with the final decision being made by the Commander. No longer would one single person have 'absolute' power, although there is a hierarchy of 'time served' between the Executives.


November saw a replacement of over 30 inactive [TAC] members who were replaced by active [7ARMD] 7th Armoured members - This was mutually beneficial to both Clans by keeping the [7ARMD] members together and boosting community activity and skill base in [TAC]. From Exec+, the top echelon of [7ARMD] transferred into representative positions in [TAC] to continue the outstanding work and commitment they had already forged in [7ARMD].


6 years later and that [TAC] still exists, where some of the 'old' clans have fallen to the wayside or been swallowed up by other Clans.
Finishing in the top 100, [TAC] became a formidable force once more, taking eight pieces of land on the Global Map throughout the campaign.


[TAC] continued to grow in strength and held a number of areas on the Global map in the campaigns winning members free/well-deserved tanks.


A new internal position of 'Operational Clan Commander' was devised due to the time constraints of the current Clan Commander to oversee the normal day to day operational requirements of the Clan.
  • MadMike333 (July 2019)
  • TotalMayhem (Oct 2019)

Over the 6 years [TAC] Tactical Armoured Corps has seen 4 Clan Commanders from;

  • DrunkenSaylor (2011-2013)
  • Biguran (2013-2015)
  • GarethLowe (interim 2015)
  • Rusty_Bullet / _TAC_Commander_ (2015-Present
    note: Poisoned_Leprechaun_ was temporarily promoted to Clan Commander while Rusty_Bullet was otherwise incapacitated)

Over the years the Clan has also been supported by a wealth of staff, too many to mention, that have stood by us, helped us and developed us and without them, the task would have been a much more difficult one to fulfill.