Clan Rules


  • Members must be at least 18+ years old unless they are supervised by a parent/guardian within the clan or have been 'vetted' by a Senior Officer - This is due to some of the adult conversations/language that may be heard whilst in-game or on our TeamSpeak server


  • Treat all clan members with respect (unless the abuse is directed towards a ginger. Then it's ok :P )
  • Racism, ageism, strong political and religious chat should be avoided and could instigate the termination of your Clan membership
  • You are representing your Clan whilst in-game, therefore it is not acceptable to abuse other WoT players - You are urged to keep calm and do not get into arguments
  • [TAC] does not condone the use of game hacking modifications that provide players with an unfair advantage over other game users and request that if you use such in-game modifications all/any chat regarding this subject be kept private.
    To find out what is/isn't acceptable in World of Tanks, please read the Fair Play Policy as set out by WarGaming


  • You should try to be as active within [TAC] as possible
  • If you are online and in-game whilst a Clan activity is on-going, you are required to make yourself available and stop participating in random battles
  • If you intend to be away from the clan for an extended period of time, let a Senior Officer know
  • To be classed as 'Clan Active', you must; Participate in Clan Activity/War battles
  • If you have (or become) inactive for a period of 4 weeks without informing us, your [TAC] account will result in a demotion of rank and could ultimately result in dismissal from the Clan entirely to make way for newer, more active members - If/when you return to WoT, you are invited to re-apply to the Clan. Approval is obviously subject to space


  • ALL members are encouraged to join Team & Stronghold battles as often as possible, these battles could be either Tier 6, 8 or 10 depending on the number of people available at that time (failure to attend any Stronghold battles could result in not being picked for Clan Wars or your [TAC] membership being removed)
  • When a Team Training session is initiated by a member of Clan Staff, you are required to make yourself available and not continue to play random battles (failure could result in not being picked for Clan Wars)
  • Members are chosen by the Battle Commanders on a number of factors including (but not limited to) Battle Type (Attacking or Defending), Selected Vehicle Availability and Member Skill Level. The FC has the final say on the battle line-up.
  • If you are in-game after 17:40hrs (UK Time) you are expected to cease participating in random battles - If you are found to be in battle and not attending a Clan event then you will be considered as useless to the Clan which may result in the removal of your Clan membership
  • Intentionally refusing or deliberately disregarding orders given during a battle of any type by the Battle Commander. Whether or not you think it may be 'the right thing to do' will not be tolerated and could result in not being selected for future battles by that Battle Commander or dismissal


You should have, or be working towards getting 1x Light, 1x Medium & 1x Heavy in the following Tiers

  • Tier VI
  • Tier VIII
  • Tier X


  • You MUST use your in-game name when connected to the [TAC] TeamSpeak Server
  • You MUST be on [TAC] TS if in-game. (If for any reason you can not join TS, you should inform a Clan Officer)
  • You MUST join [TAC] TS to participate in Clan Wars and Stronghold battles
  • Please be considerate when using [TAC] TS
  • When entering a channel, PAUSE & LISTEN FIRST, If someone is already talking, please let them finish before saying "Hello", they may be doing tactics etc
  • If you are in a Clan War, Team Battle, Stronghold, Advance, Training Session or other Clan organised battle, you are expected to initially remain silent so that the Battle Commander can issue orders - During the course of battle use your comms to inform the team/those around you if you are;
"Ammo racked"
"Reloading" (or use the radial menu)
"Spotted" (or use F7 (help))
"Tank Name/Player Name" (when designating a low health target to shoot)
"Tank Type/Grid Square" (a known enemy location (or use a mini-map 'ping' marker)
"Cover me" (when you are damaged and losing hp from direct fire)
"Target 'x' tank" (when there are enemy tanks on low hp or can cause more damage)
"Moving back" (when you are damaged and need to rotate from the front)
Unless you have something else important to say that either
the Field Commander or the team may need to know
  • Although we are a Multi-National Clan, it is a requirement that TS 'chatter' should be kept in English. If you need to speak in a foreign tongue to a fellow countryman/woman, please use a separate room or the 'whisper' function
  • Everyone 'rages' at some point. We don't all need to hear it though! Try to keep your rage inside and off of TS
  • Acting like an arse could result in a [TAC] TS/Clan suspension or ban, and no one wants to do that!
  • Please use the correct rooms while on our TS server - It's pretty self-explanatory, but in case you can't figure it out, ask a Clan Officer
  • Our TS Server is 'push-to-talk' ONLY - We don't need to hear you eating, singing or muttering to yourself (or even burping and farting) - You must be able to talk to us in-game and are therefore required to follow the setup guide on TS to assign a "Push to talk" key
  • [TAC] Is a Wargaming Clan ONLY (World of Tanks or World of Warships) - Therefore if you are in any other game you are required to leave TeamSpeak
  • The World of Warships channel is ONLY to be used by [TAC] members
  • The Total War Arena channel is ONLY to be used by [TAC] members
  • Clan 'Friend' tag is only to be given to people by the Operational Clan Commander or the Clan Commander
  • Guests are exactly that, guests. There are 2 Guest Channels available if you would like to bring (up to 2) guests on to our TeamSpeak Server - If you would like them more than 2, please gain permission from a Senior Officer first


This system is in place to safeguard [TAC] standards
(1 strike per occurrence)

  • If you are found to be in breach of any of the Clan rules (This includes being in-game and not on TS)
  • Intentionally refusing or deliberately disregarding orders given during a battle of any type by the Battle Commander. Whether or not you think it may be 'the right thing to do' will not be tolerated and could result with instant dismissal
  • If you are directly reported to Clan Staff by any other player or bringing the Clan into disrepute - This includes, but not limited to, abusing fellow World of Tanks players while in-game - Serious insults could result in superseding this rule and instant dismissal procedures being implemented
  • If you are in-game and choose to ignore an in-game contact initiated by Clan Staff regarding a breach of Clan rules, your Clan membership is automatically subject to removal

If you are unfortunate enough to reach 3 'strikes' you will/may be invited to HQ on TeamSpeak for a formal chat by a Senior Officer regarding your conduct toward the Clan
If you are subsequently unable to control your actions we will have no option but to remove your Clan membership (regardless of Clan rank or service length)


  • If you decide to leave the Clan for whatever reason, then you must understand that we reserve the right to, and will remove access to our services. This includes removing your access permissions on our TeamSpeak Server, removing your account on our Forum and that any 'alt' accounts are removed from TAC2. However, you will still be able to join our TeamSpeak Server as a guest on occasion
  • If you leave [TAC] to start your own Clan, congratulations and good luck, but we will have no alternative but to ban your account from TeamSpeak so that potential conflicts of interest and or infringements are avoided - This is not done to degrade any friendships that you may have forged with us! We work hard for our membership level and would appreciate that you will refrain from enticing our other members to leave us to join you! (thank you in advance!)


  • These rules are subject to change at any time - Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you check the rules periodically (A message will be placed on Teamspeak if this happens and you will be informed as soon as you log in to Teamspeak or via the [TAC] chat in-game)
  • By continuing your [TAC] membership you agree to these rules. If by chance you disagree, no one is keeping you here!
  • Your Clan membership is subject to the continuation of agreement by at least three Senior Officers and at least two are in agreement (or 1 Senior Officer and the Commander) on any termination, UNLESS your continued membership will directly affect those in the Clan where the 3 Strike policy will be superseded by instant dismissal

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