We're always on the lookout for members who can positively contribute to our community.

If you are dedicated, skilled, willing to learn and adapt to new situations or enhance, develop and/or share yours, then [TAC] is the right Clan for you!


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Like any other Clan we are in search of active, like-minded players to join our Ranks


  • We are a friendly 18+ English speaking Multinational Clan with members reaching around the World who take the game seriously and at the same time have a laugh (with 'Military style' banter!)
  • Established Clan since 2011
  • We train nightly to bond our teamwork, mutual trust and friendship between our members
  • We participate in Platoons, Nightly Clan Wars, Stronghold Battles and Campaigns as well as a host of Clan activities
  • We have a number of experienced Combat Officers who not only run our battles, but are also approachable to discuss/run any tactics you may have
  • We initiate in-game Credit boosters to help you raise funds for your tanks


  • Minimum 1400+ WN8
  • Minimum 5500+ Personal Rating
  • Minimum 3 Tier X Clan Wars tanks
  • You should be 18+ (exceptions may be made if you have a family member or friend already in the clan (or joining with you) due to 'some' of the adult conversations/language that may be heard on TS)
  • You will be required to follow our Clan Rules (shock/horror). They're common sense to let everyone know what's expected. (It's up to you to read them, they're not hidden and can be found by hovering over the [Clan Information]+[Clan Rules])
  • You will be required to bring your own set of nutz! If you don't have a set, some will be issued
  • You will be required to use our private dedicated Teamspeak3 server while in-game so that you can integrate with ease into the team environment
  • You will be required to attend Clan Wars battles when you are in-game


If you are dedicated, skilled, willing to learn and adapt to new situations or enhance, develop and/or share yours and have nearly as much loyalty as a Labrador puppy, then Tactical Armoured Corps is the right clan for you
All you need to do is contact a Senior Officer via in-game chat and we will get back to you or use the link below



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